May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be Everywhere Loved

Spirituality of the Heart of Jesus


Modern people need a spirituality of the heart. They want no easy answers, no glib  responses to the questions life poses, its joys and sorrows. The MSCs are dedicated to this search: healing and reconciling, bringing a message of hope.

We remember that we ourselves are weak in many ways, and must be gentle and understanding of those who make mistakes.

Missionaries of the Sacred Heart are in touch with the modern world and we strive to make the love of Christ a reality in the lives of those we meet.

 It is this love in which we have learned to believe. We endeavour to live each day, this spirituality of the Heart of Jesus, shaping all our apostolates and relationships according to it.


Four Movements of the Heart


Bishop E.Cuskelly MSC identifies four movements in the spirituality of the Heart. 


By returning constantly in prayer and mediation to our own hearts and souls, we discover our own profound personal needs of life, of love and of meaning.


We find through faith, prayer and  reflection, the answer to our own personal questioning and life hungers, in the Heart of Christ. In depths of our own personality, our yearnings and  God’s graciousness meet in redemptive incarnation


Fashioned by these forces, our own heart can be an understanding heart, open to, feeling for, and giving to our brothers and sisters in Christ.


We will not be dis-hearted or dis-couraged in the face of obstacles and difficulties. We follow Christ who “loved with a human heart.” He shared our humanity that we might know that over us all is the everlasting love of the Father. In God’s good time, God’s Love will have its way.