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posted Apr 27, 2011, 3:08 AM by Fabian MANUKIALONA
We, human beings, have a problem. Before we can believe or accept anything to be true and real we need to see and verify it. Many people saw the Lord after his resurrection. To many, he appeared and with some even he had meals. Jesus opens the minds and hearts of his disciples by explaining the scriptures to them. The disciples failed to understand that the centrality of the gospel is the cross but it does not stop there. Through the cross defeated our enemies and won for us forgiveness of our sins. The way to glory is the cross, and when we recognize this great truth we shall recognize Jesus too. The recognition of Jesus is not to be limited to a personal experience but it has to be shared with others. The true recognition of Jesus enables us to be his witnesses here on earth and we become Jesus alive in the world. Hence, let us ask ourselves: Is Jesus a living reality in my life?