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Gospel Reading: Mark 8:27-33

posted Feb 16, 2011, 3:26 PM by Fabian MANUKIALONA

 In today's Gospel reading Jesus put a question to his disciples, "Who do people say I am?" Peter's answer to Jesus' question showed great insight. He and his companions, unlike the 'people' knew that Jesus was the Messiah. The second part of the Gospel reveals Peter's limitedness in understand Jesus as the Mesiah. He still could think only of a glorius Messiah. So he protest on hearing that Jesus was destined to suffer, die and then rise again. Jesus already dismissed the temptation t be a glorious Messiah who would bring victory to Israel. But now through his closest friend satan is proposing it again. Jesus rightly rebukes him. What is the image of God we hold? A God who can win wars for us or a God who can suffer, die and rise for the sake of love?