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posted Apr 17, 2011, 2:22 AM by Fabian MANUKIALONA
Love is not love until it is experience or shared. John the Baptist showed his love for God by standing in living for the truth; Mathew the tax collector left his lucaritive business and followed Jesus; Saul the persecutor became Paul who lived and died for Christ; Blessed Teresa of Kolkata left the safety and security of Loreto Convent to look after the rejected, the sick and those dying on the streets. Mary's in the gospel took the most precious thing she had and spent it all on Jesus. Mary's action was motivated by her love for Jesus and her gratitude for God's mercy. The fragrance that spread in the room was not merely of the perfume but of forgiveness and goodness of the Lord. The fragrance also announced the presence of the Lord in Mary's life and the salvation she received from him.