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posted Apr 13, 2011, 4:38 AM by Fabian MANUKIALONA

What is in name? From the Old Testament time onwards we see God calling people unto his service and naming them. Abram was called and he was given the name Abraham. The name that Mary, the mother of Gd, receives from the angel is "full of Grace." Jesus receives from his Father the name "my beloved Son." Saul becomes Paul and the list goes on. A name is a relationship. It is a unique and personal relationship between the one who names and the named. As it is said, "to have named is to have claimed." God exhorts us to leave behind the old way of life and accept a new life in him.  Abram left everthing and went to a place that the Lord had shown him. The new name given to Abram by the Lord indicates a new covenantal relationship with God. To accept this new covenant one needs to let go of the past life and totally surrender oneself to the will of God because Jesus, the "I AM", has named and claimed each of us for his Father. Do we live the name "children of God" obtained for us by Jesus through his death and resurrection?