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posted Apr 19, 2011, 12:47 AM by Fabian MANUKIALONA
The question that still rngs in our ears is, why did Judas betray his Master? Was his treachery motivated by greed or hatred, or bitter disappointment because of disillusionment? Did he really desire and intend his Master to die? Perhaps we shall never be able to give an exhaustive answer to these ever haunting questions. However, Judas betrayed the eternal Truth, he deny the goodness of life. Judas remains an icon of  those who want to get rid of truth, kill goodness and justice. We too are tempted to use God for our own purposes. According to some of us it is God who must change according to our needs and desires, and not us changing to God. For Christians, Holy Week is an opportune time to see, live and experience the mystery of the suffering Christ and change to God.